No more excuses…pogies, let’s ride!

Snow is beautiful and I love the first snow of the season, and the second but after that I start to get anxious to ride my bicycle again. They generally don’t clear the bicycle path right away. Apparently people like to cross country ski on it…

Between the holidays, snow, rain and freezing weather I have come up with enough excuses to be off of my bicycle for a full 2 months. No good. This is because my bicycle is awesome! My Yuba Mundo is slow but with it I can carry a ton of stuff as well as people (yes plural) on the back.

The Idea

Last winter I was determined to ride all winter (and I did ride for most of the winter). The way I accomplished this was to wear warm clothes, snow boots and to make bicycle pogies (also called moose mitts or bullwinkles). This is essentially a mitt that encompasses the entire handle on each side and blocks the wind so your hands stay toasty warm. You can buy these, but they can be expensive and I had an idea of how to do it.

I had an old pair of bib style ski pants from high school and some black fleece leftover from another project. I figured ski pants were perfect since they would block wind and water and were also insulated. I decided to upcycle the pants (which didn’t fit) and add some fleece for extra fuzzy warmth and voila, pogies!


First, I cut the legs off of the pants. I wanted to use the straps/suspenders to attach the pogies to the bicycle. I cut the body down the center (there was a zipper there) to create two equal pieces. I cut a piece of fleece to match each piece and sewed it onto the “inside” of the pants piece.

I then sewed the end to create a rectangle shaped piece that was open on two sides. To attach to the bicycle I slid one onto each handle bar and wrapped the suspenders around to attach. These aren’t the prettiest things in the world, but they are really warm and they work really well. The only thing I would add is sewing a small tie on the inside opposite the suspenders to hold the pogie closer to the handle, as sometimes it wants to slide down my wrist.

The finished product on my bicycle. I get some strange looks but my hands are warm. Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny. Time to save some money (in light of the looming sequestration), get some exercise, grab my pogies and ride!

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  • Tristan Walker

    This is a great idea. I have been wanting to bike to work and have been making many excuses about how cold I would get, this will definitely help my hands. Thanks for posting.

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