No Poo wash number two

My hair is not completely dry from No Poo number two (sorry I couldn’t help myself). I probably could have waited another day because it really wasn’t feeling greasy at all, but I was in the shower after losing a tough curling match and clean hair always cheers me up because it brings back the curls my two day ponytail straightened out.

I have a very dry head, so my results may not be normal BUT I have not had a greasy head (yet), my hair is less frizzy and the roots feel clean (no waxy buildup like with the poison shampoo), and it passes the Steve sniff test (no vinegar smell).

You may be wondering, how often should one No Poo? That depends on a few things:
How often do you user your current questionably “safe” shampoo? How oily is your hair normally? How active are you? Do you tend to rub your head, run your finger’s through your hair? The basic consensus seems to be, if it starts to feel greasy, you can No Poo.

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