Simple Origami

I am a multi-tasker. If I’m not doing 2-4 things at once, I feel like I am not being productive. Right now I’m eating breakfast and blogging…

While I am watching television (what I consider to be the least productive activity in the world) I make these kusudama flowers. I use regular Elmer’s glue, so while petals are drying, I hold them together with wooden clothes pens (you can see one in the picture on the right). The squares I am using are 11cm on a side and are made from old nautical charts that were going in the recycling bin at work. I use an X-acto guillotine style paper cutter, which is a little chinzy, but it does the job and I got it on sale.

The two dark blue Lilies in the back are slightly harder to make, but once you get the hang of it can be done pretty quickly. The most time consuming part is making the triangles.

A slightly less complicated origami is this water bomb which can be used as a cheap paper lantern with twinkle lights. I am using a 22cm square to make them, and again charts that would have been trash from work. I make them white side out, so when the lights are on you can see the maps and when the lights are off they are just white squares.

Last and probably my favorite is this origami butterfly. I’m making them from old marching band score copies, about 2 for each 8.5×12 inch page, so these squares were probably 3.5 inches on a side. I like the way the notes and staff look, and each one turns out a little different.

My friends have requested to have an origami making party to learn how to make the flowers, so keep an eye out for a Simple Origami part II, the origami flower party.

The motivation for all this origami? I’m making bouquets, boutineers, and decorations for our wedding in September.

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