Curling, curling, curling

I was off hucking rocks all weekend in Rochester, NY. If you have never curled you are missing out on an interesting and diverse subset of the population, also a very fun team sport.

Highlights From the Weekend

Gummy bears soaked in whipped cream vodka. Why do the green ones taste so much worse than the rest of them?

St. Patrick’s Day paraphernalia: viking hats, green hair, lip tattoos, flashing bow ties, shamrock cookies, green chocolate shaped like curling rocks, green hot cocoa (flavored/colored with creme de menthe)

Amazing female curlers, all who have played for under five years, from all over new england

An entire weekend of entertainment (and exercise) for under $200.

A flat tire an hour outside of Rochester and the kindness of strangers helping us put on the spare. (I know how, but I was thankful they did it because it was freezing!)

It was a blast, but now I’m back. Next weekend is the Scrodspiel, our local club’s mixed five and under. Now I just need to find a fish costume…

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