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Easy GF pizza dough

There was a time when I was paying a little over $2 a piece for a frozen gluten free personal sized pizza crusts. This drove my thrifty side mad so I was forced to find an alternative. I wanted something easy that require few ingredients and could be in the oven to prebake in 15 minutes or less. I tried a couple recipes but the one I liked best was this one. I leave out the sugar and I use plain white rice flour.

I like to add a lot of seasoning. Cracked pepper is very good in pizza crust. This dough is not doughy. It has almost a slimy quality to it, but it is just sticky enough that spreading it with your hands (as suggested in the recipe) is no good.

I prefer to use just white rice flour rather
than a gluten free mix.
The dough should have a consistency
of thick mashed potatoes.
I use a silicone spatula held at a shallow angle (as close to flat as you can get without getting dough on your knuckles) to spread the dough from the center towards the outside, while rotating the pan. This spreads the dough pretty evenly, but if you have a nice pastry roller, that might work even better. 
I use a silicon spatula to spread the dough.

The finished crust is dense but not hard and has a good flavor. It is a thin crust pizza. If you like a crunchy crust you can bake it longer before adding toppings.

Poking the crust with a fork keeps it from puffing up. I do this about 5 minutes after it has been in the oven. Be sure to generously grease the pan, or it may not come off.


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