Life Without Poo Continues, 2 weeks

So I wish my camera phone could do it justice, but the No Poo
results are still making me very happy.  It has been two weeks since I last used shampoo, and I am not missing it. I just mixed up my second batch of No Poo today, with slightly less baking soda in it just to see how it would do.

This No Poo I waited about 3.5 days between washing and my hair was pleasantly not greasier than it would have been between shampoos, maybe even a little less greasy. This is despite washing my face with oil every night, moisturizing with oil and washing with oil/baking soda scrub. I’ve got some Dr. Bronners if I am feeling very dirty, but that has yet to happen. Don’t underestimate how easy it is for me to get oil on my hair while doing these things. Cleansing with oil and boycotting soap has dramatically reduced the amount of blemishes, face and body, that would normally plague me in the winter.

I am in need of a hair cut, but I’m holding out because I’ve got some time off coming, assuming they don’t figure this whole budget thing out any time soon. Then again, maybe that’s a good reason to save the money and let it keep growing.

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