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I was tooling around our local health food store, Amber Waves, and I came across clay powder. Red and Green. Well I bought it. I had an idea it would be good for making makeup. I was right!

I followed the guidance provided by Wellness Mama, but instead of using cocoa powder and cinnamon (these are all wrong for my skin tone) I used the clay.

I found this at the local health food store,
score! Only $3 each.
Things I always have around the house. I used the
arrowroot powder but skipped the
cinnamon and cocoa.

I grabbed some scratch paper, to keep track of how much of each ingredient I added. I started with 2 tsp of arrowroot powder. I added a half a tsp of red clay and 1 quarter tsp of green clay.

Using an old empty powder container,
I made my first batch of basic powder.
A side by side comparison with
my expensive mineral makeup.
So basic powder was pretty easy. I tried a little out on our trip to the hardware store and was pleased with how it looked out in the sunlight. Always an important test. 

Top, expensive mineral makeup.
Bottom inexpensive homemade clay makeup!
On to bronzer. This is a little trickier since I don’t have anything shiny I can use for the golden glow. Still I did my best to match colors. This time 2 tsp arrow root, 1 tsp red clay, 1/2 tsp green clay. I have an olive complexion, so this really helps to match my skin tone. I tried it out and while it isn’t shiny they way the bronzer is, it looks healthy and natural. Also, it doesn’t make me break out into little bumps the way the bronzer does. 

You could press the powder mixture into a compact with a spritz of alcohol if you prefer the pressed powder. I prefer loose powder so I’m all set 


A quick google search will show that loose powder mineral makeup can cost anywhere from $10 (the cheap stuff I was buying) on up into the stratosphere. My clay cost $3 a bag plus another $3 for arrowroot powder. I have enough clay and arrowroot powder to last me a very long time for $9. That is less that ONE tiny pot of the mineral makeup! Extra added bonus, it doesn’t make me break out. 

Note: When the clay gets wet it also gets darker. I will have to see how this works out next time I am sweating at the gym or out in the sun. 


Just for curiosity’s sake I tried patting on a little of the powder after moisturizing in the morning and it was darker than when I brushed it on without the moisturizer. It will absorb moisture, so if you are using a lot of moisturizer you will want to make sure you’re face has absorbed it before putting on the powder. I am assuming the same is true for cocoa and cinnamon since all these are absorbent and will become darker when damp. In this case it became a pretty shade of clay red, which would be nice on lips or maybe even just a little on cheeks, but not all over. 

I will have to see how this pans out. I may just go straight arrowroot powder to absorb shine and avoid the color except for highlighting. I don’t wear much makeup, so this is low priority, but there may be updates in the future should I find something that works better.

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