More Spring, Peas

I’ts the end of curling and the beginning of spring. Yesterday I cleaned up all my square foot garden beds! 

Weeds went into the yard clipping compost pile with all of last fall’s leaves. I leave the leaves (no pun intended) in the yard over the winter, and rake them in the spring. I am hoping to leave some of their leafy goodness in the yard, but also I am a lazy gardener and I don’t care if the leaves kill the grass. 

I am cultivating moss. Moss does not require mowing or watering and it doesn’t really die off in the winter. Only problem is it likes shade better than sun, so much of the moss that took over the sunny part of the yard this winter may get crowded out of clover and grass this summer. We’ll see.

Volunteers were all clearly marked. Planning is started. I planted peas.

Peas don’t mind a little cold weather and today it is supposed to snow again. I am hoping all my little peas will get a good watering from this snow and pop up later this week or early next week.

The bulbs are coming up and that mean’s it’s Oscar the cat’s favorite season, baby rabbit season. I like rabbits, but they like my garden, so I’ll turn a blind eye to the baby rabbit massacre.

Next weekend I have to move the larger Rose of Sharon babies to make a hedge on the other side of the yard. I have a good one going on the sunny side of the yard. They are out of control and entirely to close to the asparagus patch. I will have to mow the smaller ones down before they take over. If you need a Rose of Sharon, I have one (or 6) for you. They are quite prolific.

I am also planning to work on a cold frame and my little greenhouse (the plastic ripped). 

Happy Gardening!

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