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Rooting for Those Gangly Seedlings

Remember my gangly seedlings? Well now that curling is nearly done I had a little time to save them before it was too late. I know this will work for the tomatillos, and i am hoping it will also save my gangly cole crops. This also frees up space in my germination hot house.

After introducing these tomatillo seedling to their new home,
I gave them some water and set them in the sunny window.
I’m rooting for them!

I made little hot houses for my gangly seedlings out of two liter bottles. I cut them in half, and then cut a slit about 3 inches long from the cut side in each half (so they would have enough give to fit back together). I have a nice collection of recyclables for just this reason. Milk jugs make better frost protection than hot houses because they are opaque. I have plenty of jug frost protection for when the little plants go in the ground this April.

I placed a gangly seedling in each bottom and while gently holding them up straight, filled in with dirt around them until they had reasonable stem lengths above the dirt. The idea is that the stem that is now buried will produce more roots and a stronger plant. The plant doesn’t have to try so hard to stand up anymore and can devote energy to rooting. I know this works for viney plants like tomatoes and squash, I’m not sure how well it will work for the cole crops (broccoli, cauliflower) but it is definitely worth a try.

Later, when it is not so cold at night, I will move the whole terrarium outside. I can leave the lids on if there is danger of frost or take them off if it is getting to hot during the day.

Yesterday this little cauliflower was flopped over.
One day after the transplant it has perked up!

Even the plants in the nursery are happy
to have more room. I thought this one
was dead, but it is revived!

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