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Shark Attack

Friday is the start of the annual in house five and under, the Scrodspiel. For those that don’t know, a scrod is a young cod fish, an appropriate name for a bonspiel aimed at novice curlers. Bonspiels have themes and themes require costumes (some better than others). My team has come up with a great idea.

The men on our team will be fishing with a bucket hat, vest and lures. The women are going to be sharks! I found this hooded sweatshirt conversion idea on the net. It’s meant for a kid’s Halloween costume, which means that it is simple enough that I can finish it in the little time I have after work this week. Also, I own more than 5 grey hooded sweatshirts…

First I had to find something to make teeth out of. I tried to find something in the house, but failing there I headed to the discount store. I wanted some felt but refused to go to WalMart or drive all the way to Mashpee, so after much searching and contemplating at the local discount stores I settled for these:

Cosmetic sponges cut into fourths make good (soft) sharks teeth.
This hooded sweater was headed to the thrift store, but now it will become a shark!

I hand stitched the teeth in an orderly fashion. I could have used the sewing machine, but due to their spongy nature they were hard to pin. Also, I can hand sew while watching bad horror movies. I made a good knot in my string, sewed a few stitches and then started the first tooth. Each tooth got about 4 good stitches or more with several stitches between. I trimmed any teeth that looked square-ish. If you have lots of time and a sharp pair of scissors you could also add some texture to make them look serrated like sharks teeth. I don’t have time for that this week.

Right now it looks a little like a lamp ray, but not after I add the eyes!

To be continued…

Finished shark hoodie
Fashionable sea shawls
Nearly completed ensemble.
I will be wearing grey pants, but
from the waist up it looks pretty good!

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