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The early bird starts the seeds

Last weekend I got busy with my Pot Maker (no not THAT kind) and made a lot of little plant pots out of old EOS magazines. This, like origami, is another great way to multi-task while watching netflix.

These run about $13 – $19, but I use this every year to reuse old papers and I don’t have to buy those expensive peat pots or plastic pop-out trays.

So my idea was to use a plastic storage container, the type that fits under a bed, as a mini-greenhouse/cold frame for my seedlings  I made enough paper pots to fill the lid and easily get the bottom up without toppling them over. I filled these with some organic potting soil I found at the local discount store last season. Then I chose some seeds, according to what should be started indoors at this time of the year on Cape Cod. I chose to start with tomatoes, tomatillos, cauliflower, cabbage, bok choi, celery and collards. I get the majority of my seed from the Sustainable Seed Company

Under the grow lights they go. I found these LED growlights on Amazon. They don’t get to hot, so they are safe to set on top of the container and they provide just a little heat and plenty of light.

 I have another of these containers to fill next weekend. Maybe by then my glass corn seeds will have arrived from Native Seeds? But it isn’t time to plant corn, yet.

This just in: Seedling Update!

Little seeds sprouting after less than 3 days in my hot house.


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