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The Local Hookup: Eggs

Eggs so big, a rubberband is
needed to keep the carton closed.

Those grocery store eggs got nothin’ on a local dozen. Once you’ve eaten local chicken scratch eggs you won’t go back. 

Support a Local Farmer

If you’re a fan of the 99 cent eggs, there might be some sticker shock involved. If you’re currently paying $3.25 – $4.50 for those “free – range” “organic” eggs, you may be pleasantly surprised at the local discount. I pay $3 a dozen, they are delivered to my work place (I work with the wife of a farmer). 

There are lots of reason to buy local eggs.
1. The taste! They are the best eggs I’ve ever eaten. 
2. I can return my empty cartons to be reused. 
3. Supporting local farmers is an important part of any sustainable community.
4. I know how the chickens are being treated and that I am getting what I paid for
5. Local eggs have more nutrients, more “good” fat and less “bad” fat
Local eggs, bursting with nutrition.

Keeping Chickens

Keeping chickens is a great idea. I have read it is more expensive keeping chickens than buying eggs. I don’t know if they are referring to the 99 cent eggs or the $4 eggs. I have also read about free-range chickens that cost nothing to feed, if you set up their environment correctly. I would love to someday try this out with my own little flock of hens. If you aren’t ready for your own flock and you have a neighbor or friend who is raising chickens, you could offer to help support the flock (expand the flock) monetarily in exchange for some local eggs. 

This one is especially pretty.
Local eggs, all differents sizes, shapes
 and colors.

Find A Local Farmer

There are lots of sites out there to help you find a local farmer. A couple good ones are Eat Wild and Local Harvest. Farmer’s markets are a great way to find local sources of food and make connections with farmers. Another good way to find local food is to join your local Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). We’re members at the Coonamessett Farm (this is also where we’re having our wedding and reception). Not only will you receive tasty local food on a regular schedule, farmers know other farmers, so if you aren’t getting something from your CSA that you want, ask where you can find it!

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