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The Local Hookup: It’s OK to Love Your Neighbor’s Honey

We were at the local brewfest last fall and we noticed there is a permanent store set up on the fairgrounds that sells local honey. We were intrigued. We stopped in and asked if they had any honey from downtown Falmouth. They did. After seeing the adorable little “flying” guinea pig on the jar, how could we refuse. On the way home I checked out the back and saw that the honey came from very close to our house!

I had noticed this house when I first moved into the neighborhood. Their bees were in the side yard next to their raised bed garden and greenhouse. People after my own heart working towards sustainability. I thought the bees had gone, because I didn’t see the hives the next year. Then when I was walking past the house with the dog one day I noticed something. I thought, how very odd, they have three green chimneys on top of their house. The bees now live on the roof! I love it.

Why You Should Buy Local Honey

1. Support local apiaries, their bees pollinate your plants
2. Many grocery store honeys have been pasteurized and purified, all the good stuff is removed
3. The Good Stuff #1: Local honey may help alleviate allergies
4. The Good Stuff #2: Honey is naturally antibacterial 
5. The Good Stuff #3: raw honey contains small amounts of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids
6. Local honey has local flavor, try them all!
7. Local honey is better for the environment and better for the bees

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