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The Resistance is Fertile: Victory Garden!

Let’s talk about something near and dear to my heart, why everyone should have a vegetable garden.

Super heroes know that gardening is another way to
show how dedicated they are to protecting the public.

Garden for your HEALTH

Eating more vegetables is one of the most important stops on the route to good health. Growing your own vegetables insures that they are free of the pesticides and herbicides we all need to avoid for good health. There’s no better way to make sure your vegetables are organic than growing them yourself in an organic environment. You won’t be able to resist eating more vegetables if you are growing them.  

Garden for your HAPPINESS

We all know gardening can be therapeutic, but did you know that gardening, actually getting your hands in the dirt, has been shown to improve a person’s mood? There is actually a strain of bacterium in soil, Mycobacterium vaccaems, that can improve a person’s emotional health, vitality, and even cognitive function. Not to mention, exposing yourself to DIRT may have a positive impact on how well your immune system works. 

Garden for your FREEDOM

There are lots of choices out there at the grocery store, but many of them fall into the same category of processed and factory farmed food. It is the illusion of the freedom of choice. How do you beat a system where you aren’t given the information you need (or the products you want) in order to make good decisions? Create your own system! The resistance is fertile and your victory garden is a choice you can make that not only saves you money but sends a message by removing those dollars from the current factory food system.

Garden for your COMMUNITY

In many communities there is a “crop swap” or food sharing movement. That’s right, sharing! We all learned it in kindergarten and promptly forgot about it as grown ups.  This is part of the slow food movement. Sharing garden produce is a way to give back to the community and get something in return, a closer knit, happier, more sustainable and more secure society. The elementary school a few blocks from my house has a beautiful “learning” vegetable garden! Imagine a world where instead of ornamental trees there are food trees and instead of ornamental plants there are herbs and edibles. Todmorden is well on their way. Food security lifts people out of poverty and is a great inexpensive way to improve your local community. 


The current factory farm system is hard on the soil, requires large amounts of fossil fuel (and produces food that I don’t want to eat). Local food travels a shorter distance, saving fuel. Organic gardening restores the soil, avoiding fertilizers and soil depletion. Should something happen where the factory food systems fail, having a strong local food movement of organic farms and victory gardens will prevent disaster in a community. Don’t underestimate what that kind of local food security will do to improve the attitudes of the population. 

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