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Asparagus Springs Up

The first asparagus spear of spring! It’s a different color than usual. About 5 years ago I dug a trench, planted asparagus root crowns and covered them with rich organic matter. Since then I have been planting asparagus seeds over the crowns, so this sprig may be a different type of asparagus.

Asparagus likes a dedicated location (don’t tread on me!), lots of food (compost) and no competition (weeding and mulching). I could show you a picture of the asparagus bed, but it’s not very exciting. It’s a big rectangle of dirt right now. I weed it regularly and add compost every year in early spring and again after harvest is done. An asparagus bed can be created in a day and will produce for years with little effort. An asparagus bed is a great investment if you love asparagus.

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