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Dandelion Wine

Yesterday a friend mentioned that their mother was making dandelion wine. Do go on… I have dandelions! I can make wine from them? Then I promptly forgot about the dandelion wine, until today. Right before mowing the lawn, I looked out over a sea of little yellow heads and thought…Dandelion Wine? Yes! So I spent an hour popping the heads off the dandelions in my yard before mowing.

They were so much prettier on the ground, but you
can’t make wine without plucking their heads off.
The dandelion heads have been trimmed to
remove any stem and washed to get rid of any bugs.

There are LOTS of dandelion wine recipes, but each one has the same main ingredients: flowers, sugar, acid, yeast and nutrient. I am following some combination of these recipes. How did I decide which recipe to use? I picked the one that said to pour boiling water over and steep the flowers for two days before doing anything else. Now I have two days to get the rest of my ingredients.

Pouring boiling water on them makes them wilt into a
soggy mass of yellow. It would be sad if
I didn’t know they would someday be wine.

As my friends were discussing Saturday, this is a process, and I am in the middle of it.

Day 1:

picked my dandelions

washed my dandelions
poured 1 gallon of boiling water over my dandelions

Day 2:

let them steep for two days, stirring twice a day

Day 3:

brought them to a low boil, added 3 lbs of sugar and the zest of 2 lemons and 1 lime 

simmered for one hour
added juice and pulp from 2 lemons and 1 lime
allowed to cool to room temperature
add yeast, nutrient and cover

Days 4-6:

put in a warm place for 3 days

Day 7:

strain into a separate container and fit with fermantation cap

Day 8-?:

Allow to sit until fermentation ceases

Day 28:

Rack the wine into a new sterilized container

If you’re going to drink a bad wine just for the jug,
I suggest the m0scato. It makes good sangria.

My friend loaned me a fermentation cap.
Impossible to do the bubbles justice with my phone camera.
I just read that I can add RHUBARB to my dandelion wine. I may have to start another batch soon.

Just racked my dandelion wine, now to wait for it to clarify.

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