Garlic Secrets

I am no culinary master, but the food I prepare is tasty and well accepted at our house. I am learning some tricks of the trade from my Italian fiance and my family members who have culinary skills.

Garlic, I love it. I used to hate trying to peel it. Then Steve taught me a simple trick. I cut off the end of the clove. Lay the flat side of the knife on the clove and give it one hard smack. Then it is very easy to peel. I still can’t just rub it between my  hands like he does, but he has carpenter hands.

Voila, peeled garlic.
Next on my list of things I hated, mincing garlic. I got this handy garlic grinder. One can only assume a smoker invented this one. Once the garlic is ground most of it can be easily scraped into the pan, but I use a quick rinse of water to get those bits that are stuck to the grinder when I am making soup.
Some of the garlic gets stuck in the grooves.
Flavor saving water rinse for soups
using the garlic grinder. 

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