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Keyhole Compost

My old compost bin is a hole in the ground. This is not the most efficient way to compost, I am aware. So today I thought I would upgrade to a keyhole compost garden. We also made a rotating compost bin. The idea is that the compost in the middle of the garden will feed and water the garden so that it requires very little water or additional fertilizer. This can be as easy/simple or as extravagant as you like. I’m going for simple.

First I created the compost bin for the
center using chicken wire and posts.
Then I put leaves and clippings in around the sides to keep dirt from falling inside. 
I brought dirt in and piled it around the outside, creating a raised garden bed that surrounds the compost. I left a small opening where I can walk up to the compost and make deposits. It would be nice to have walls around the outside, but doing it this way also allows me to grow things on the sides of my raised bed. It is hard to tell from this picture, but the raised bed is about 2-3 ft high. I have more dirt, so if I get ambitious I may raise it a little higher before planting in it. 

This will also server as my doggy doodoo compost. We have been chucking it to an unused part of the yard, but we want to build a fence that encompasses the whole yard sometime soon, so the poo needs somewhere to go. This will be my first manure compost. Good thing I have my copy of the Humanure Handbook.

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