Noodle Methods

Methods for the 3 foot noodle experiment.

What you will need

One brightly colored noodle (I got mine for $1 at the local Dollar whatever)
Something to affix it to your bicycle (I’m using a bungee)
Permanent marker/electrical tape
Optional 2 foot dowel rod/thin piece of wood
Optional shiny/reflective things


  1. If you have a 3 Feet Please jersey or T-shirt, wear it. This will help explain to vehicle drivers what you are trying to illustrate/request. You can also demarcate each foot and label them to help demonstrate the point of the noodle. 
  2. Attach the noodle firmly so it does not blow backwards while riding or fall off the bicycle.
  3. Only attach the noodle when riding on the road, it is not meant for bicycle path or sidewalk riding. If you will be doing mixed riding, you will have to bring the noodle and attach it before you turn onto the road or remove it before you turn onto the path.
  4. A short 2 ft piece of wood can be inserted into the hollow part of the noodle nearest the bicycle to give it more rigidity. This way your noodle will not hang limply at the side of your bicycle and will make more of an impression on passing cars. It also still allows the far end of the noodle to have the flexibility needed to bend passively should a car get to close.
  5. Anything to make the noodle more visible is encouraged. Attaching reflective tape or anything shiny to your noodle is always a good idea. 
  6. Please do not put anything malicious on the end of your noodle. We want to maintain a positive influence in the 3 foot revolution.

If you will be riding in a crowded area, such as a busy city, the noodle may be to much of a restriction on movement to be practical. If you are riding out in open spaces, near the beach, or anywhere there are not a lot of space restrictions, you should definitely give this a try.

This morning I improved my noodle.
I added a 2 foot piece of wood for rigidity.
I firmly attach my noodle with a short bungee.

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