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Slow Pumpkin Butter

Last fall I managed to grow one enormous pumpkin. Just one. The other one rotted away from the inside due to a beetle infestation. I followed an easy recipe for making crock pot pumpkin butter.

Step one: remove seeds and bake pumpkin. The pumpkin is supposed to go with the flat/open side down. My pumpkin was to big to fit in the pan that way so I had to cover it with foil and bake it with the round side down.

A pumpkin so large only half will fit in the oven at a time.

Kitchen Hint: clean up the seeds while the pumpkin is baking. You could eat them, but mine were to big and hard so I saved them for planting.

Drying giant pumpkin seeds.

Step Two: scrape and puree pumpkin. I used the food processor to puree a little at a time, you could also mash or use an immersion blender.

Step Three: Add sweetener and spices. Check out all the recipes and work on finding one that pleases your taste buds or experiment to find a taste you like. This is where you get to make it your own.

Step Four: Cook until it darkens and thickens to the desired consistency.

Step Five: Eat, give away or freeze your pumpkin butter. Due to the low acid content and thick consistency canning of pumpkin is not advised.

Crock Pot Pumpkin Butter

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