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Toothpaste Mix Up

Today I’m experimenting with homemade toothpaste. I checked out Wellness Mamas remineralizing toothpaste and this bentonite recipe from keeper of the home. I couldn’t find all the ingredients for either recipe at the local health food store (Amber Waves). Mine is something of a mashup using the ingredients I have. If you don’t have all the ingredients, the bones of the recipe is just baking soda and water. All recipes evolve from there. 

Brandy’s Toothpaste Mashup

Equal parts:
Diatomaceous earth
Baking soda
Xylitol (more to taste, for sweeter paste)

Vary to get the right consistency:
Coconut Oil
Bentonite supplement (liquid form, you could also get this powdered and use hot water to get the right consistency)

Edible essential oil (peppermint, orange) to taste
It made a nice pasty tooth concoction. I’ll try it out tonight before bed. Updates to follow.
I tried the toothpaste and it worked great! The first batch tasted like baking soda.  I’m a grown up and I can handle it, but I would rather have a sweeter toothpaste. On my second batch I added more xylitol and skipped the coconut oil. This second recipe was more popular, because it disappeared much faster. Steve was joking that he eats it when I’m not looking.

Toothpaste, Take 2 

One part:
Diatomaceous earth
Baking soda
Liquid Bentonite (or vegetable glycerin)

2 parts:
Xylitol (more to taste, for sweeter paste)

Edible essential oil (peppermint, anise) to taste

I liked the above recipe. I first tried it with peppermint and now on my 3rd round of making toothpaste I’m using Anise oil. I also added a dash of vegetable glycerin for it’s antibacterial properties. In future recipes I may try to add calcium, but so far this recipe is very effective. Also, now that I have a recipe I like I have started using a small canning jar. I can mix up more at a time and make toothpaste less often.

Toothpaste, recipe #3

1 Tbs Diatomaceous earth
4 Tbs baking soda
2 Tbs xylitol
1 Tbs cinnamon
2 Tbs liquid bentonite
1 Tbs filtered water
sweet orange and peppermint essential oil
This one is not so sweet, very refreshing flavor.


After mixing most toothpaste recipes, the container gets really cold. I wonder what type of reaction is going on in there that is sucking away all the heat? Maybe an endothermic reaction between baking soda and glycerin?

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