Ask Me About My Noodle!

What if you could combine your daily commute with daily exercise while saving money and participating in an educational social project that helps protect other people?

The 3 Foot Noodle social experiment is fun and super effective!
Cars slow down and go around it
Even angry drivers don’t get close enough to touch the noodle, which is reassuring on the road
Driver’s AND passengers notice it, I’m definitely no longer invisible on the road
Most drivers now wait to pass on tight corners and hills
Pedestrians notice, point and talk about it (I can hear you getting curious)
People are constantly asking me about my noodle, which gives me the opportunity to share information about why 3 feet is a safe passing distance when overtaking a bicycle in a car
After riding with the noodle I feel like a vigilante super hero. I don’t care what anyone thinks about me, as long as they are thinking about the noodle. Why is the noodle there? What could the noodle mean? Though they are more likely thinking, “What is that thing? I better not hit it with my car.” That works for me!
What if a safer ride to work would only cost you $1 and 2 minutes twice a day?
I ride a Yuba Mundo which, when compared with other bicycles, is an enormous cargo bicycle. It is bright blue with reflectors and flashers on the front and back. It has two giant yellow paniers that make the back of the bicycle close to 3 feet wide. I wear a neon yellow windbreaker or my 3 feet please jersey (and a helmet of course).  Somehow, before the noodle, many cars didn’t even NOTICE that I was there. Sounds impossible right?
The first day I rode with the noodle I felt a little trepidation. What if it doesn’t work? What if people try to hit the noodle? After the first 5 minutes I knew the noodle was effective and by the end of my first commute in to work I was sold.
When pedestrians point, make confused faces or shake their heads I just smile the smile of a person who knows they are making a difference because someone noticed. 

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