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Goodbye Teddy

You can see it is
squeezed into
a rectangle now.

After making the curtains out of table linens, I was on a roll. I pulled out some more of my remnant cloth from the thrift store and decided to hide the bears. The pillow teddies. It was very kind of the people who gave us the couch to also give us the feather pillows, but the teddies are not to my liking. Practically free thrift store remnant to the rescue.

This is a great project if you have even rudimentary sewing skills, a pillow that needs a new look and some fabric to use. It is simple and fast to make a basic slip cover. If you need more instruction than I am giving here, do an internet search on pillow slipcover. There are many great tutorials out there that go into great detail for such a simple project.

I measured the pillow and found it was about 19 inches on a side. I rounded that up to 20 inches, but my remnant wasn’t quite wide enough, so it is a little short in one direction. Ideally for a 19 inch pillow you would want a piece of fabric 46″ x 20″.

I cut the remnant in half long-ways and measured out 46 inches for a
3 inch overlap. Then I finished the short edge by folding 

back a half inch and stitching it.
Here you can see the 20 inches total width with a 3 inch overlap in the center. Sew it with the wrong side out (pictured) and then turn it
No more Teddy Bears!

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