Mayday, Drop Cloth Hammock, We Need Reinforcements!

 A friend brought me instructions on how to make a giant hammock out of a drop cloth. According to the directions all I needed was:

Two layers of 10 weight,
not tough enough.

6-by-9-foot drop cloth, 8-10 weight
Sewing machine and sewing supplies
Thirty-six 7/16-inch grommets
1/4-inch cotton rope, 70 feet, cut into two equal lengths
Two O rings
3/8-inch rope or other strong rope for hanging

I couldn’t find a 6×9 so I bought a 9×12 and cut it in half. I reinforced the ends as instructed, by folding over 2 inches and sewing. If you have an inexpensive sewing machine, two layers is probably about as much as it can handle. Unfortunately I can tell you that wasn’t strong enough to hold two people, and why make such a big hammock if it can’t hold two people?  I would suggest some type of reinforcement cut to 6 feet by 1.5 inches, you could insert it into the hem and once you install the grommets through all 3 layers, it will stay in place. We are going to make a wooden bar since my fiance is a carpenter (updates to follow). This will also help with the cocoon effect.

Once we add some wooden
supports, this cocoon
effect will be a thing
of the past.

Once you have reinforced your hem, evenly space 18 grommets along each side. To run the rope through, find a secure location to hang your O-ring. This will make it easier to keep your rope organized as you lace it through and even up the rope at the end. Knot the rope at one end on the bottom side of the hammock, take the loose end through the O-ring, come through the top side of the next grommet, under and over through the next two and back up through the O-ring. Continue this pattern through all the grommets knotting again on the back side of the last grommet. When you are finished lacing, even up the rope to distribute the weight evenly among the grommets. Now all you need is some strong rope and a place to hang your hammock.

Steve trying out the hammock.
Oscar is already a fan. Anything that get’s him closer to the birdies is A-OK.

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