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Table Linens Can Be Curtains

Yesterday at the Emerald House yard sale I bought a bunch of stuff for a grand total of $2. Among the treasures were some old table linens. Four napkins and matching placemats. They weren’t bad to look at, but I hardly ever use napkins and placemats and I liked the pattern for curtains.

I highly recommend old linens, table or bed, for making curtains. The edges are generally already finished and the material is easy to work with. You can pick them up for a song at the thrift store, much cheaper than actual curtains (unless you find those at the thrift store) and also in most cases less expensive than buying new fabric to make curtains.

My idea was that the top half of the window should be somewhat shear to let light in and the bottom half more opaque to keep out peeping eyes. It’s on the second story, so really who can see in? Anyway, I used the napkins which were single ply for the top and the placemats which were double ply for the bottom.

I turned the napkins on the diagonal and stitched the corners together. Depending on how big your napkins are, you could sew them inside or outside, closer to the edge or further towards the center. I sewed mine front to front so the corner would poke out towards the back and very close (about 1.5 inch) to the corner. My thinking on sewing the corners together was that this would help it to spread instead of all hanging down in a straight line. Then I folded the top corner over and gave it a little stitch to hold it on the curtain rod. This literally took 10 minutes.

Close up of the finished curtains. I love the pattern. Great for a bathroom.

The bottom curtain was slightly more involved. It wouldn’t have been, but the placemats were just a couple inches too short. So I had to add some fabric to make the length. Luckily I also got a bunch of material remnants in my $2 bag from Emerald House, so I grabbed a piece of navy blue cotton and made a piece to go at the top. I measured how long it needed to be, cut about a 6 inch wide strip, hemmed the ends, folded it in half, and sewed it along the length. Then I turned it inside out. Here’s where I thought I should have instead hemmed all four sides, pinned the mats on the inside and then folded the blue in half lengthwise and sewed along the edge. It would have had a more finished look. Too late though. I had to iron the blue piece to make it flat. I tried to place my mats evenly, pinned them and then sewed them to the blue piece.

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