You Don’t Say?

This is a log of what I overhear while riding the Yuba Mundo.

With the noodle

Look mommy is she going swimming? No, I don’t know what that noodle is for. – mom and little boy

Look at that thing coming! – highschool kids coming out of the coffee shop

Would you take a look at that? – old man in a minivan

Silence, accompanied by a look so confused it would be mistaken for constipation – little boy

Smiling and waving – lady being pushed in her chair along surf drive

You know you got something sticking out there? – guy on Quissett campus, completely serious

Without the noodle

That’s a nice ride. – the lady on Main Street

That’s the way to ride. – friend of the neighbor’s house

How do you like that longtail? – guy on the bicycle path

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