Gluten Free

A Brazilian GF Cheese Buns

This recipe was brought to my attention by a friend who is NOT Gluten Free, so that can only vouch for how extremely tasty it is.

This is a recipe from King Arthur Flour for Brazilian Cheese Buns. There is a lot of butter, cheese and garlic in these buns, so of course they taste amazing. There is one very important step to ensure these turn out right. Make sure you do not add the eggs until the dough has cooled. Otherwise instead of puffy, round cheese buns you will have flat crunchy cheese flats, which, while still tasty, are not nearly as much fun to eat. King Arthur has a lovely step by step with pictures.

We have tried this with other types of cheese (not so hard or aged). This time I used Cabot sharp cheddar cheese. The aged cheeses have a stronger flavor which comes out in the buns, the cheddar is milder and creates a chewier center to the bun.

Bringing the butter, water and milk to a boil, before mixing with the tapioca flour.

Not quite a cup of sharp cheddar and 4 minced garlic cloves.

Round, puffy, cheese buns. This is what they look like when they turn out just right.

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