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Home Grown Root Beer

So sassafras trees grow in my lawn like weeds. That is fine with me. I found this recipe for sassafras rootbeer  and I thought I would try it out.  I pulled up some of the sassafras saplings from my backyard.  The smells gives them away, but the leaves are also very distinctive.

Sassafras leaves have a distinctive shape.

The directions are pretty easy to follow. The hardest part is finding sassafras saplings. I have a sassafras tree in my backyard so they are popping up everywhere. Larger roots are hard to cut up, so try to find a sapling with smaller roots. The fragrance while this is simmering is amazing!

Steve gives it the that bleep is bleeping amazing seal of approval.
The rootbeer is cooling now, so we will try it with soda water soon. Steve tasted it and assures me it is freaking awesome. 

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