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T-shirt Tote

I’ve been planning to convert some free XL t-shirts to tote bags. I finally had time to do it. This takes 5 minutes.

1. Sew the bottom of the t-shirt shut so that the sleeve holes line up one on top of the other (like the shirt is flattened sideways).
2. If it is a long sleeve t-shirt, tie or sew the cuff ends together and do not cut the sleeves off. For a short sleeve t-shirt, cut off both sleeves inside of the seam. Make these holes as big as you need to.
3. Cut out the neck of the t-shirt in a V-shape for the front and back.
4. Use t-shirt scraps to decorate the straps.
I put a knotted piece at the top of each strap to make it easier to delineate and add little fringe.  Pieces could be added or braided to fancy up the straps. T-shirt doesn’t ravel much, so it is easy to cut holes to run fringe/decorative pieces through. Now I have a big new bag for the farmer’s market.

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