Thank Goodness for My Carpenter Fiance

So a few weeks ago I broke the glass table while trying to put up the umbrella. Steve was kind enough to fix the table for me. Now we have a table for entertaining outdoors again, yay! Mahogany, very nice.

The mahogany is reclaimed from a deck that was being replaced. Steve ran it through a planer and then created a basic frame to screw the boards to. He drilled holes in the aluminum table frame and screwed the top to the frame. Then he used a plum to line up the hole for the umbrella.

Steve also added a little “deck” for the cat underneath on the support structure. Oscar loves it! The little deck is the perfect place to hang out when he gets caught outside during the day and it starts raining. I will post a picture next time I catch him on it while I am outside with my phone.

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