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Free Range Potatoes

The potato scraps we planted a couple months ago starting wilting and dying down, so it was time to check out what was hanging out below the surface. We were not surprised to find, potatoes!

Steve holding up a successful potato harvest! See how 
the potatoes grow further up the plant as it is buried?

Using a pitchfork for harvest might work better, but all we had was a shovel. We also raised some in bags, which are easy to harvest. Just dump them out. We decided to eat the ones we had accidentally cut into with the shovel this morning for breakfast, paired with some local farm fresh eggs. Cutting into a fresh potato makes the most amazing crisp slicing noise. They were the freshest and best potatoes we’d ever eaten!

As you can see, potatoes come in all shapes an sizes.

Did I mention these are free potatoes? Save those little scraps that are growing out of your cupboard. Bury them in the ground and let them grow for a couple months. The best system is to have a way to bury them deeper as they grow taller so you will encourage the plant to make more roots and thus more potatoes, but even those left alone will make some potatoes. Potatoes like loose soil, so wherever you plant them make sure to break the soil up to give them space to grow.

While most of the potatoes were smallish, 
this one was a full sized potato.

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