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In the Heat of Harvest

Apologies for being Missing in Action for a couple weeks. I have been very busy. Just finished up a week of curling and volunteering in the Cape Cod Curling Club Summerspiel. At the same time wedding preparations are down to the wire and I am harvesting lots of fresh fruits and veggies!

My favorite reusable takeout containers are working overtime.

We have a mix of 4 types of raspberries, 2 cultivated and 2 wild, that ring our tiny quarter acre. I get about 2-4 pints of raspberries a day while they are in season. I rinse them and put them directly in the freezer. They are just as tasty frozen in a smoothie as fresh off the vine. The early bird gets the raspberries, literally. Short of netting the entire yard, that means picking raspberries for an hour every morning and evening to get the most out of our raspberry brambles. The blackberries are just starting to ripen, so they are next! Tiny little grapes are also on their way.

These are the cultivated raspberries that grow next to the compost.

Peas are running late this year. I’m about to plant a second set of peas and beans to see if I can push my harvest into late fall. The peas have been producing wonderfully and the beans flowering and growing everywhere. We have been eating fresh snow peas on our salad and the other night we had an entire stir fry of fresh snow peas! Green beans are next on the menu, my favorite.

Tomatoes, tomatillos, quinoa, snap beans, grapes and cole plants are coming up. Also, we just dug up spring’s potato scraps. Now it’s time to plant the next batch of sprouts from the pantry.

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