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Seasonal Smoothies

We live in New England where air conditioning is becoming more common, but we don’t have any. Luckily we do have a blender and plenty of ice cube trays. Combine that with fresh fruit, organic yogurt, honey and ice tea and relief is a button away from giving you a brain freeze.

We stopped to pick up our cheese CSA this morning (best money I have EVER spent) and while we were at the farm we picked a couple pints of blueberries. We had smoothies on the brain, and nothing is quite as good as fresh berries in a smoothie.

Easy Pleasey Berry Smoothie
1 pint blueberries
1 cup organic yogurt
1 tray ice cubes
honey/ice cream to taste (optional)
1-2 cups ice tea/lemon water

Blend to perfect consistency, pour into frosty mugs and enjoy.

Steve is loving this summer smoothie trend. I think we’ve had one every day this week. This time we splurged and bought blueberries at the farm, but other than that the cost is minimal. You can always skip the yogurt if you don’t have any in the house and it will be just as refreshing. Our favorite poor man’s smoothie includes frozen raspberries (free in the yard), ice (essentially free), ice tea/lemon water (also practically free).  Happy Summer!

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