Furlough the Busy Bee

So I have been busy as a bee for months between planning/having a wedding and coaching colorguard. I was MIA from all social media for weeks. Suddenly on October 1, I was furloughed and I had all the time in the world. I’d like to say I made this transition gracefully, but I am always WAY more productive when I have to much to do…

First, I got my priorities straight and made my Halloween costume.

I picked up some How-To books from the library…so I can plan my future life as an organic farmer should the government never get it’s act together.

I cleaned a LOT and made tons of tomatillo salsa.

I made time for social activities which I have been missing out on and attended the exercise class I pay for monthly whether I go to it or not. I’ve been working on my science fiction novel!

I should be feeling extremely productive, but instead I am kind of bummed I can’t go to work. I guess we always want what we cant have. 

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