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Lemon, Lime and Onion Scrubbies

I saw this somewhere on the internet and thought it was a great idea. As far as I know I can’t recycle those mesh bags that lemons, limes and onions come in. So I have been saving them to make dish scrubbies. I use about 4-6 bags to make one scrubby.

First I cut off the paper part that holds one end together and then untie or remove the clip from the other end. Now I have a mesh tube. I line all the flattened tubes up so the ends match up (or as close as they can) and then tie the ends together in a knot.

I save out one of the tubes and roll the rest up on themselves from the wide end towards the knot.
Then wrap the roll around the original knot and tuck in the end. There is still one mesh bag hanging off like a tail.

Invert this bag over the rest of the bags and twist it so that it contains the knot/roll. Now knot it one more time to form a loop from which you can hang your scrubby.

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  • Yuvi

    Those are great ! I also made some scrubbys,I bghout a pack of scrubbys at the Dollar store. There were 10 in a pack and best of all they were in colors. You need one for each cloth,and I left the cloth under the applique. They seem to stronger in use.

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