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Crock Pot Boiled Peanuts

Now that we are living in the south again I have access to green peanuts! I also have a crockpot, So the obvious question was, can I make boiled peanuts in a crockpot? Yes I can! Thank you, National Peanut Board!

So now instead of staring longingly at the boiled peanut stand on the opposite side of the median on my way home, I can look forward to freshly boiled peanuts just the way I like them when I get home. This is excellent!

Don’t judge me on the yellow walls, we’re renting… 

So this morning, I dumped my peanuts into the crockpot. I Added as much water as would fit, enough to cover the peanuts if they didn’t float. I always put something (baking pan, cookie sheet) under my crockpot in case of an overflow. I added salt (~1/4 cup) and Louisiana Creole seasoning (~1/4 cup) and 3 whole heads of garlic. Then I left for work, did my after work gym routine, and came home to peanuts that had boiled for 11 hours.

The peanuts were cooked, maybe a little too cooked. I like mine less mushy. However, not enough seasoning, sigh. Internet lore claims 1lb of peanuts needs 1/2 cup of salt, that would have been 2.5 cups of salt for my 5 lbs. No way! I don’t like salt. However, I do think I needed more hot seasoning. Next time I am adding more of the spicy spices and possibly some of our Farm super spicy hot sauce. This is an experiment I will surely repeat, as long as I can find time to do it before peanut season is over. 

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