In Search of Future Farm

If it seems like I’ve been silent lately, it is because all of my projects have been on hold for a life changing choice. My husband and I decided to move to the Mississippi Gulf Coast to be closer to family and buy our dream farm. So we picked it all up and moved. Of course it was much more difficult than that sounds.

Now we are living in a rental with our fur babies. We did manage to find local honey at the flea market and the Claiborne Hill carries some local produce. We need to find an egg source.

There is not recycling pick-up. It is not very bicycle friendly here, though (excitement) there are more bicycles every day! There is no compost bin. I have no garden…though I may have planted the local sweet potatoes that were growing in my pantry in the discarded pots left by the landlord… At least we still have our natural cleaning products and toothpaste.

For now we have to settle for living vicariously through other farmer blogs while collecting ideas for our sustainable homestead and food forest, but what really keeps us going is friends, family and the search for the perfect future farm!

What we are looking for

1. 5+ acres of land that is NOT in a flood zone 
2. location near work
3. water feature: lake, pond, creek or river
4. barn or other practical storage
5. no usage restrictions that would preclude having farm animals
Believe it or not this place exists. We’ve seen several properties with so much potential. Now we just need our house on Cape Cod to sell so we can determine our actual budget. One step forward, two steps back, on our way to a sustainable future farm!

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