Gross Happiness Production

Future Farm is online. Literally, we finally got our satellite internet hooked up so now I can blog about Future Farm again!

Not a lot of farming going on at Future Farm yet. We have been living at Future Farm for 2 weeks now. I spent the first week in Florida on a work trip, which was tough because I wanted to be at the farm unpacking and prepping for gardening season (which essentially starts NOW). Then this week it literally rained all day every day for the entire week, which I guess was just as well because I had to be at work. The weekend finally got here and the ground is waterlogged, so there is no working the soil or mowing the lawn. In the last two weekends we have spent two entire days searching for and purchasing a sofa, a bed and other necessities. We spent every other spare minute unpacking, sorting and putting away boxes, many of which have been packed since before we moved last September. I made an attempt at getting the pool going for the summer (highs have been in the mid 70s). The pool is quite green after all the rain. I am sad to say the pool is a toad and froggy death trap. I don’t know why they want to go in the pool when they could be in the pond or the spring…but they are everywhere after all the rain and if there is one thing Future Farm has an abundance of, it is water!

So life has been super busy and I am still itching to start growing things. We did stop by our local weed and feed, which sells all kinds of farm equipment, bulk seed, fruit and nut trees as well as baby chicks, ducks and geese! We’ll be heading back there soon for sure.

The blueberries are blooming and bees are busily buzzing about them now that the rain has stopped. We have frogs and crawfish mounds a plenty, and the little green anoles are busily chomping down on lady-chasers. Every morning we can hear our neighbors roosters, horses, cows, and donkeys. I am really hoping to get bees in April and chickens, ducks and geese soon after. First we have to get a tractor and luckily my parents are coming next weekend so I can get some help from my dad. There is so much to do on Future Farm, but one thing we are currently producing in abundance is happiness!

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