Intolerance for Food Intolerance

I am afraid I have to rant now…

I know many people who are unable to eat many things that were previously not considered to be allergens. Some I know have a reaction to all fruits, all vegetables or all grains. It seems lately everyone is allergic to something, and some people seem to be allergic to everything. I agree that this is crazy and wrong, but apparently not for the same reason that other people think this is crazy and wrong.

We have this backlash of angry articles pointing out that it is not possible to be allergic to these foods, that it is not any healthier to not eat these foods, that these people are delusional and stupid for wasting their time and money on avoiding these foods. Why the hate? If I choose not to eat wheat, more toasty bread for you!  If someone can’t eat fruit or veg (and I feel for those people for that would be truly horrible) more tasty fruit  and veg for me! If I don’t want to eat processed foods, frankenfoods, and food covered in the IDES…more nasty food for those of you who don’t think (or don’t care if) it will hurt you! It’s time to aim that hate in another direction.

What IS crazy and wrong is that there are quite a lot of things IN and ON our food that are NOT FOOD. It is not only possible but LIKELY that people are “allergic” to the pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, hormones, antibiotics (and a myriad of other things we can’t pronounce and shouldn’t eat) that have infiltrated our food supply thanks to our corporate factory food system. The fact is that as long as food is not labeled in a way that will allow consumers to know what is in food (be it genetically modified, covered in the ides, filled with hormones & antibiotics) there is no way for a human to determine what chemical, medicine or untested frankenfood is making them ill. When foods are over-processed to have a million ingredients (and half of them do not sound like food), there is no way for a human to determine what ingredient is making them ill.

The best a person can do is to eat only whole foods and organic foods in a hope to narrow it down to a food or group of foods that they can attempt remove from their diet to see if it makes them feel better. It takes determination, willpower and a lot of patience to remove anything from your diet these days, especially if it is something ubiquitous like corn, soy, canola or wheat. Oh and you better get a water filter system too..

For those non-haters out there, if you find that you are feeling poorly and cannot determine why, it may be time to focus on what you are eating. We found that eliminating certain foods from our diet (mainly wheat and meat) while eating as many whole and organic foods as possible helped  our digestive tracts, eliminated recurring sinus problems, and improved our sleep. These are the steps my husband and I have taken:

1. Eliminate as many processed foods (including salt and sugar) from your diet as possible

2. Eat as many whole and organic foods as possible (this may require COOKING skills)

3. If you must eat processed food (mmm corn chips!), choose the organic or non-GMO brand or the brand with the least amount of ingredients (which is often the cheapest brand!)

4. Keep a food and symptom diary (there’s an app for that), then try an elimination diet for those foods that coincide with the most symptoms

5. Revamp your gut biome with fermented and cultured foods (or pro-biotics) and pre-biotics (fiber!)

6. Invest in a water filter (We love our Berkey)

That wasn’t as ranty as I thought it would be…

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