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Hearty Gluten Free Pumpkin Waffles

My hubby’s new favorite breakfast request. He likes it better than going out to the Sunshine Cafe for hashbrown medley!

I know I’ve said this many times, but the key to eating gluten free and sticking to it is finding gluten-free recipes you love to replace the gluten-full recipes you’ve left behind. The ultimate test of my gluten free cooking is whether my husband makes regular requests for recipes I’ve introduced. This is one of his absolute favorites. He raves about these pumpkin waffles so much he has forsaken his previous favorite waffle the oatmeal waffle. He would eat these pumpkin waffles every morning for breakfast if I had the time and pumpkin to make them. I just baked some pumpkins yesterday so I can make them next weekend.

So this recipe originally came from Cookie and Kate, but I have made a few adjustments:

  1. I always use a chia seed egg replacer for at least half of the eggs (or all if I’m out of eggs). I take 1 Tbs of chia seeds for each egg I am replacing and grind them in my extra coffee grinder. I brush this all out and in with my dry ingredients (step one of the original recipe). I then add 2-3 Tbs water to the recipe for each egg I am replacing (in step 2 of the original recipe). This helps bind the waffles together whether I have eggs or not!
  2. I have tried this recipe with oat flour, but I also tried it with gluten free mix and it works well either way. The oats can be more
    This makes some thick batter, but it is easy to work with
    This makes some thick batter, but it is easy to work with

    hearty, depending on the flour mix you are using.

  3. I play around with the ratio of pumpkin to oil. Sometimes I replace some of the oil with pumpkin (healthier!) sometimes I replace some of the pumpkin with coconut oil (crispier on the outside, doesn’t stick!). If you use coconut oil, I recommend melting the oil first (not too hot, just so it becomes an almost liquid, then adding it to room temperature ingredients so it doesn’t try to return to it’s solid form.
  4. This batter (if you can call it that) comes out THICK, more like dough. I have experimented with adding more liquid and they always turn out well, so experiment to find the consistency you like.
Waffle Making Tools
Waffle Making Tools

These can be a little sticky, especially if you go for the healthier, not so oily version. So I use a pump sprayer to oil my griddle before I put the batter in. I use the wooden tongs to coax out waffles that stick.

These make the whole house smell like pumpkin pie or gingerbread cookies and they are not overly sweet. I often leave out the maple syrup, since we don’t have any, and they turn out even more savory which I really like. We use honey or homemade blueberry compote to sweeten them up if we need to.

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