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What the greenhouse looked like before the plastic was added.
What the greenhouse looked like before the plastic was added.

I have always wanted a greenhouse, and wishes do come true because we are now working on building our first greenhouse. We purchased our Greenhouse from Grower’s Supply. Their salespeople were very helpful and the price was right. We learned a few expensive lessons while building the greenhouse, but it will be well worth it in the end!


We plan to build decking to level out the floor of the pool, which is currently sloping down to the center. We will leave a gap in the center of the decking and build two walls that will become the sides of the pond. Pond water will be pumped around the edge of the decking to filter the water and irrigate an aquaculture trough before falling back into the pond.

Something like this, though the pond pump may go at one end rather than in the middle.
Something like this, though the pond pump may go at one end rather than in the middle.
The sweet potatoes could not wait for us to finish the interior of the greenhouse, where they are happily sheltering from a rare MS snow.


Space Utilization

There will be stairs at either end of the deck leading to the upper part of the greenhouse. Since the peripheral walkways are quite narrow, there will be a railing/trellis that runs around the edge of the pool to prevent anyone falling in. There will be larger triangular corner tables where there is more space and long thing tables running along the sides. We may even have some planters hanging over the pool area.

Tropical Plants

Banana plants, dragon fruit and Avocados will live in the greenhouse year round on the lower level along with citrus fruit seedlings and other tender plants. Right now we are trying to establish ginger and turmeric outside, but we may also keep some in the greenhouse.

Fish and Aquatic Plants

The pond will have koi and lotus blossoms in it. We already have a practical pond out front, so I thought this one should be fun and possibly lucrative! The Crosby Arboretum holds an annual aquatic plant sale and we are looking forward to purchasing some native aquatic plants as well.


Seedlings will occupy the long thin tables along the sides of the greenhouse. We grow all our perennials from seed and order our seeds mostly from Sustainable Seed Company and Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. We also plant many seeds from produce we purchase from the grocery, just to see what will grow! It’s a fun experiment and we have an avocado and several tiny citrus and apple trees growing as a result. We also plan to propagate our berry bushes (mulberry, blackberry, goji berry) by cuttings to expand the berry patch. We have been using coir pellets with good success to start seeds, but are also fans of newspaper pots.


Potting will take place on the larger triangular tables in the corners. I plan to have a utility sink on the end closest to the barn where there is water access.


Our potting soil will likely be a mix of coir and compost, but this is to be determined. On the aquaponics level we will use a medium designed for aquaponics.


For those plants not on the aquaponics level, water will likely come in the form of drip hoses.

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