Yes You CAN! Composting Baby Poo

I have mentioned before that we have a little future farmer on the way and I have been doing a lot of research into what the healthiest options are for our little one and how to make the process of taking care of an infant more sustainable. We have decided to use reusable cloth diapers (Bum Genius and Charlie Bananas) with reusable inserts and a toilet sprayer most of the time, but for those first few weeks when baby is using the restroom 8-12 times a day (more or less) I thought it might be good to try compostable diaper inserts. Charlie Bananas makes a disposable insert made of biodegradable wood pulp fibres and a liner that is also 100% biodegradable.

If you have been reading some of my other posts you’ll already know that I am just dying to build composting toilets (much to my husbands dismay), so in a way this is one small step towards getting started with using Humanure to enrich the soil. If that sounds disgusting (or unsanitary) to you, I recommend reading the Humanure Handbook. Not only will the book help you conquer your fear of poop (something my husband will have to do to change diapers), it will make you excited about all the things you can compost!

We already have a compost pile for food scraps and yard waste. We will build an additional compost pile for diaper composting and wood shavings. Did I mention my husband is a carpenter? So the basic plan looks like this:

  1. Get at least 2 empty plastic buckets with lids for temporary diaper holding (the inserts and liners will go in these, having two allows you to clean one out while using the other one)
  2. Get at least 1 empty plastic container for wood shavings (after depositing each liner/insert into the bucket from step 1, a layer of wood shavings goes over the top to prevent odors)
  3. Designate/engineer a location for diaper composting (the full bucket gets deposited here and covered with additional wood shavings or leaves to prevent odors and reduce attracting animals)

I am pretty excited about my first attempt at composting Humanure. We’re still 2.5 months out, as we progress I will post more pictures and details on how it is coming along…

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