Spider Lily
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Native Wildflowers

Native Plants & Wildflowers

Due to the poor soil and spring fed areas on Future Farm, it is home to a number of carnivorous plants including Sundews and Butterworts. Thriving in the poor soil of the wet pine savannah, pitcher plants capture nutrients by luring prey into their cup shaped “pitcher” pitfall trap. 

The Red Wood Lily is native to Alabama and grows in abundance on Future Farm in the low lying areas amongst the crawfish mounds.

Spider Lily

The Red Spider-Lily, commonly called a Naked Lady since it has no leaves, is not native to Mississippi, it comes from Japan, and grows in abundance on Future Farm.

The Marsh Gayfeather grows sparsely around the property and is a nice compliment to the Black-eyed Susans and Goldenrod.

Pipeworts (the small white ball) grow throughout Future Farm. Another low lying boggy plant, they grow in sprays that remind me of fireworks.

There are some spectacular thistles growing in the Future Farm field. 

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