Sustainable living makes sure there are resources for everyone, even spiders.
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Sustainable Humans: Let’s Save Our Environment

The idea behind this site is that if everyone was just a little more sustainable, the whole world would use less resources which would be the beginnings of restoring a natural balance to the Earth we all depend on. It’s much easier to make a noticeable difference if we’re all on board, but how do you get everyone to buy into living a more sustainable lifestyle? We hope this site will help everyone come to the conclusion that if the residents of Future Farm can move towards living in a more sustainable way, everyone else can too!

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Who am I? An oceanographer
who values safety equipment.


Many small steps will add up to make a big difference. As a human race, we may never be completely sustainable, but we can get a little closer with each step we incorporate into our daily routine. Like reaching “enlightenment” it is setting this very high goal and striving to reach that goal that creates an atmosphere where the goal just might be attainable. Setting smaller goals to inch your way along is not only commendable but recommended! Each of these small goals moves you closer to your ultimate goal, and each time you reach an interim goal you build confidence.

Butterfly landing on a wood lily in kiln, ms.
Butterflies love the wood lilies

On Future Farm we want to show that everyone can take small steps towards being more sustainable.

This is a slow movement. It has to start with you. It has to start locally. A grassroots movement to oust the powers that be and create a new order where people once again have the power to sustain themselves without dependence on factory farming, energy companies and chemical corporations. I want this site to help those who are already on board and encourage those that aren’t quite convinced to give it a try, one small step at a time.

Take small steps towards becoming more Sustainable today

We all know the mantra Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. But, let’s be more specific. What are some really easy, small goals you could set (and possibly reach) today?

  1. Ditching disposables (paper plates, plastic ware, paper towels, plastic straws, bottled water, plastic bags)
  2. Buying local food and/or growing some of your own herbs and vegetables in a container garden
  3. Washing laundry on cold, hanging clothes to dry
  4. Bringing reusable bags to the grocery
  5. Repairing before replacing and purchasing used/thrift items rather than new
  6. Reusing containers and setting up a recycling bin
  7. Waiting to run the dishwasher until it is full
  8. Turning lights and electronics off when not in use
  9. Changing your clothes before changing the thermostat
  10. Avoiding food waste by planning ahead, eating leftovers and preserving food

What about a few more advanced goals for those who have already been working towards sustainability?

  1. Composting food waste (try vermiculture)
  2. Raising your own chickens
  3. Using chicken manure, compost and compost tea to fertilize your own
  4. raised beds full of annual and
  5. yard full of perennial herbs, fruits and vegetables
  6. Start raising bees or create homes for solitary pollinators
  7. Purchasing green energy or installing renewable energy
  8. Building cold frames or a green house for growing food year round
  9. Purchasing green home and garden products (or making your own)
  10. Purchasing green health and beauty products (or making your own)

Are you starting to hope that maybe we can create a better, more sustainable world?

Sustainable Food Choices- Organic Regenerative Agriculture

Since you’re here I’m sure you’ve been reading about Regenerative Agriculture. The way food is produced has a huge impact on the sustainability of the human race.  Each step that each farm takes towards more sustainable food production is a win for human sustainability. When we all work with the natural system, building the soil, we not only sustain our crops and ourselves, but our local ecosystem and the global system.

You may be thinking, I’ve got no plans to become a farmer so what does Regenerative Agriculture have to do with me? Everything! The choices you make at the grocery store, or better yet, the FARMERS market or your local farmers Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) have influence on how food is produced. These local choices can result in global change if we all make more sustainable food choices.

This is about to become easier, since the Rodale Institute recently introduced the Regenerative Organic Certification. The pilot program should be starting within the next year or two!

Share the Sustainable Bug

On Future Farm we believe positive actions and words are contagious, so we plan to spread them far and wide. We hope you will join us.

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