3 Foot Noodle Experiment

You Don’t Say?

This is a log of what I overhear while riding the Yuba Mundo. With the noodle Look mommy is she going swimming? No, I don’t know what that noodle is for. – mom and little boy Look at that thing coming! – highschool kids coming out of the coffee shop […]

Ask Me About My Noodle!

What if you could combine your daily commute with daily exercise while saving money and participating in an educational social project that helps protect other people? The 3 Foot Noodle social experiment is fun and super effective!   Cars slow down and go around it Even angry drivers don’t get close […]

Noodle Methods

Methods for the 3 foot noodle experiment. What you will need One brightly colored noodle (I got mine for $1 at the local Dollar whatever) Something to affix it to your bicycle (I’m using a bungee) Permanent marker/electrical tape Ruler Optional 2 foot dowel rod/thin piece of wood Optional shiny/reflective […]

The 3 Foot Noodle Experiment: Post Commute Update

A couple years ago I bought a jersey from the 3 Feet Please campaign to see if it would encourage motorists to give me a little more space. I have done some experimenting wearing the 3 feet please jersey one day and my regular jersey the next, to see if […]

Behind the 3 Foot Noodle Experiment

I bought one of the 3 feet please jerseys a few years back. While it did seem to have a small effect and I still wear it when I ride on the road, I noticed that most people took no notice of it. I was a little crushed. I was […]