About Me

Why Sustainable Human?

The idea behind this site is that if everyone was just a little more sustainable, the whole world would use less resources which would be the beginnings of restoring a natural balance to the Earth we all depend on. It’s much easier to make a noticeable difference if we’re all […]

Spring is coming! 1

So I have been MIA online, but busy as a bee on Future Farm where we have been preparing for spring. My husband built us two top bar bee hives using free plans we found online at BuzzAboutBees. We have beeswax and lemon grass essential oils at the ready for […]

Springing Up on Future Farm 6

  ┬áIt’s been a little over a month since we bought our Future Farm and we are loving it! The blueberry bushes are loaded with pink tinged fruits that are plumping up in the continuing May showers. Another exciting resident on future farm are the pitcher plants! According to Wickipedia […]

In Search of Future Farm

If it seems like I’ve been silent lately, it is because all of my projects have been on hold for a life changing choice. My husband and I decided to move to the Mississippi Gulf Coast to be closer to family and buy our dream farm. So we picked it […]

Furlough the Busy Bee

So I have been busy as a bee for months between planning/having a wedding and coaching colorguard. I was MIA from all social media for weeks. Suddenly on October 1, I was furloughed and I had all the time in the world. I’d like to say I made this transition […]


Today I fixed the director’ chair. Now it is quite girly, but I like it! Do you recognize the thrift shop fabric? It is the remainder of the same scrap I used to cover up the ugly teddy bears. While I was on a role I thought I would also […]

Thank Goodness for My Carpenter Fiance

So a few weeks ago I broke the glass table while trying to put up the umbrella. Steve was kind enough to fix the table for me. Now we have a table for entertaining outdoors again, yay! Mahogany, very nice. The mahogany is reclaimed from a deck that was being […]

Little Friend

Check out this newly hatched Cecropia moth! I haven’t seen one in awhile, but I guess I haven’t been looking for one either. I love big moths…

You Don’t Say?

This is a log of what I overhear while riding the Yuba Mundo. With the noodle Look mommy is she going swimming? No, I don’t know what that noodle is for. – mom and little boy Look at that thing coming! – highschool kids coming out of the coffee shop […]

Ask Me About My Noodle!

What if you could combine your daily commute with daily exercise while saving money and participating in an educational social project that helps protect other people? The 3 Foot Noodle social experiment is fun and super effective!   Cars slow down and go around it Even angry drivers don’t get close […]