Lemon, Lime and Onion Scrubbies 1

I saw this somewhere on the internet and thought it was a great idea. As far as I know I can’t recycle those mesh bags that lemons, limes and onions come in. So I have been saving them to make dish scrubbies. I use about 4-6 bags to make one […]

Butterflies in Love

I’ve been collecting wine corks planning to make wedding decorations. Today I made a decoration for the card table. I chose all the red wine corks and spelled out LOVE by glueing them to cardboard backing with hot glue. The cardboard gives each letter stability. I wanted to cut away […]

T-shirt Tote 1

I’ve been planning to convert some free XL t-shirts to tote bags. I finally had time to do it. This takes 5 minutes. 1. Sew the bottom of the t-shirt shut so that the sleeve holes line up one on top of the other (like the shirt is flattened sideways). […]

Mayday, Drop Cloth Hammock, We Need Reinforcements!

 A friend brought me instructions on how to make a giant hammock out of a drop cloth. According to the directions all I needed was: Two layers of 10 weight, not tough enough. 6-by-9-foot drop cloth, 8-10 weightSewing machine and sewing suppliesThirty-six 7/16-inch grommets1/4-inch cotton rope, 70 feet, cut into […]

Ask Me About My Noodle!

What if you could combine your daily commute with daily exercise while saving money and participating in an educational social project that helps protect other people? The 3 Foot Noodle social experiment is fun and super effective!   Cars slow down and go around it Even angry drivers don’t get close […]

Shark Attack

Friday is the start of the annual in house five and under, the Scrodspiel. For those that don’t know, a scrod is a young cod fish, an appropriate name for a bonspiel aimed at novice curlers. Bonspiels have themes and themes require costumes (some better than others). My team has […]

Simple Origami

I am a multi-tasker. If I’m not doing 2-4 things at once, I feel like I am not being productive. Right now I’m eating breakfast and blogging… While I am watching television (what I consider to be the least productive activity in the world) I make these kusudama flowers. I […]