You Don’t Say?

This is a log of what I overhear while riding the Yuba Mundo. With the noodle Look mommy is she going swimming? No, I don’t know what that noodle is for. – mom and little boy Look at that thing coming! – highschool kids coming out of the coffee shop […]

You Can Do It: Start Commuting by Bicycle

May is national bike month, so now is the perfect time to start commuting by bike. Commuting by bicycle may sound intimidating, but I can tell you I have never arrived at my destination regretting that I rode my bicycle instead of driving. It’s worth facing that intimidation for the […]

Noodle Methods

Methods for the 3 foot noodle experiment. What you will need One brightly colored noodle (I got mine for $1 at the local Dollar whatever) Something to affix it to your bicycle (I’m using a bungee) Permanent marker/electrical tape Ruler Optional 2 foot dowel rod/thin piece of wood Optional shiny/reflective […]

The 3 Foot Noodle Experiment: Post Commute Update

A couple years ago I bought a jersey from the 3 Feet Please campaign to see if it would encourage motorists to give me a little more space. I have done some experimenting wearing the 3 feet please jersey one day and my regular jersey the next, to see if […]

Behind the 3 Foot Noodle Experiment

I bought one of the 3 feet please jerseys a few years back. While it did seem to have a small effect and I still wear it when I ride on the road, I noticed that most people took no notice of it. I was a little crushed. I was […]

Seize the Frozen Day

Listening the tires crunch through slushy puddles I was thinking, it’s not to cold to ride to work. It wasn’t. Not even the 23 mph head wind and the 20 degree wind chill could stop me. Sure it took half an hour, but I made it and my face wasn’t […]

Ode to No Poo: 22 days

After No Poo, before riding to work. After work commute in the fog and rain. This morning I showered and No Poo’d before work. I rode my bicycle despite the insane humidity/fog and predicted rain. I have to ride, it’s my therapy. Here, as a testament to No Poo, a […]

Testing My New Deodorant on a Frosty Morning Ride 2

Ah! Another refreshing spring ride past the frosty seashore to work! I adjusted my pogies with some large safety pins, which increased their toastiness and arrived with warm hands. A nippie wind was coming from the west, and I was headed SouthWest, so a little slow going, but a great […]

No more excuses…pogies, let’s ride! 1

Snow is beautiful and I love the first snow of the season, and the second but after that I start to get anxious to ride my bicycle again. They generally don’t clear the bicycle path right away. Apparently people like to cross country ski on it… Between the holidays, snow, […]