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    Free Range Potatoes

    The potato scraps we planted a couple months ago starting wilting and dying down, so it was time to check out what was hanging out below the surface. We were not surprised to find, potatoes! Steve holding up a successful potato harvest! See how the potatoes grow further up the plant as it is buried? Using a pitchfork for harvest might work better, but all we had was a shovel. We also raised some in bags, which are easy to harvest. Just dump them out. We decided to eat the ones we had accidentally cut into with the shovel this morning for breakfast, paired with some local farm fresh eggs. Cutting…

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    Seasonal Smoothies

    We live in New England where air conditioning is becoming more common, but we don’t have any. Luckily we do have a blender and plenty of ice cube trays. Combine that with fresh fruit, organic yogurt, honey and ice tea and relief is a button away from giving you a brain freeze. We stopped to pick up our cheese CSA this morning (best money I have EVER spent) and while we were at the farm we picked a couple pints of blueberries. We had smoothies on the brain, and nothing is quite as good as fresh berries in a smoothie. Easy Pleasey Berry Smoothie1 pint blueberries1 cup organic yogurt1 tray…

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    In the Heat of Harvest

    Apologies for being Missing in Action for a couple weeks. I have been very busy. Just finished up a week of curling and volunteering in the Cape Cod Curling Club Summerspiel. At the same time wedding preparations are down to the wire and I am harvesting lots of fresh fruits and veggies! My favorite reusable takeout containers are working overtime. We have a mix of 4 types of raspberries, 2 cultivated and 2 wild, that ring our tiny quarter acre. I get about 2-4 pints of raspberries a day while they are in season. I rinse them and put them directly in the freezer. They are just as tasty frozen…

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    Today I fixed the director’ chair. Now it is quite girly, but I like it! Do you recognize the thrift shop fabric? It is the remainder of the same scrap I used to cover up the ugly teddy bears. While I was on a role I thought I would also re-cover the piano chair. It had a dingy white pleather on it, now it has new bright red pleather! I had a scrap of pleather just layin around. Got it on sale as a remnant. Perfect color for the piano chair.

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    Can’t Escape the Garlic Scape Pesto

    When we went to pick up our cheese CSA, Steve noticed a sign that said “Free Stuff” below which there was nothing. Very profound. He mantioned how profound this was to our CSA organizer, who was creating bouquets for the vegetable CSA members. I noticed her tucking a garlic scape into the bouquets. I mentioned that I had seen this recipe for garlic scape pesto and really wanted to try it. Unfortunately I have no scapes on my garlic. She had too many scapes, so we managed to score some garlic scapes, for free! My favorite type of garlic scapes. I tossed the garlic scapes (about 2 cups) a good chunk of…

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    Thank Goodness for My Carpenter Fiance

    So a few weeks ago I broke the glass table while trying to put up the umbrella. Steve was kind enough to fix the table for me. Now we have a table for entertaining outdoors again, yay! Mahogany, very nice. The mahogany is reclaimed from a deck that was being replaced. Steve ran it through a planer and then created a basic frame to screw the boards to. He drilled holes in the aluminum table frame and screwed the top to the frame. Then he used a plum to line up the hole for the umbrella. Steve also added a little “deck” for the cat underneath on the support structure.…

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    Home Grown Root Beer

    So sassafras trees grow in my lawn like weeds. That is fine with me. I found this recipe for sassafras rootbeer  and I thought I would try it out.  I pulled up some of the sassafras saplings from my backyard.  The smells gives them away, but the leaves are also very distinctive. Sassafras leaves have a distinctive shape. The directions are pretty easy to follow. The hardest part is finding sassafras saplings. I have a sassafras tree in my backyard so they are popping up everywhere. Larger roots are hard to cut up, so try to find a sapling with smaller roots. The fragrance while this is simmering is amazing! Steve…

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    Farm Fresh Sangria for Me-a

    This morning I went to pick up my cheese CSA, and while I was there I picked a whole load of farm fresh strawberries for sangria! Here is my super simple recipe. Sangria Triple Sec (or another fruity liqueur) just enough to cover the fruitFruit (I used strawberries)1 bottle sweet, bubbly moscato1 bottle dry moscato or other white wine or sweet red/rose wine1 bottle ginger beerfreshly cut mint, chopped Soak the fruit in triple sec for several hours. Add chilled moscato, other wine and ginger beer. Sprinkle in fresh mint, or garnish on top. I serve mine over freshly frozen raspberries.

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    Butterflies in Love

    I’ve been collecting wine corks planning to make wedding decorations. Today I made a decoration for the card table. I chose all the red wine corks and spelled out LOVE by glueing them to cardboard backing with hot glue. The cardboard gives each letter stability. I wanted to cut away the extra cardboard, but I was afraid it would become flimsy. Then I added origami butterflies to give it a whimsical look.

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    T-shirt Tote

    I’ve been planning to convert some free XL t-shirts to tote bags. I finally had time to do it. This takes 5 minutes. 1. Sew the bottom of the t-shirt shut so that the sleeve holes line up one on top of the other (like the shirt is flattened sideways). 2. If it is a long sleeve t-shirt, tie or sew the cuff ends together and do not cut the sleeves off. For a short sleeve t-shirt, cut off both sleeves inside of the seam. Make these holes as big as you need to. 3. Cut out the neck of the t-shirt in a V-shape for the front and back.…