• Sustainable living makes sure there are resources for everyone, even spiders.
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    Sustainable Humans: Let’s Save Our Environment

    The idea behind this site is that if everyone was just a little more sustainable, the whole world would use less resources which would be the beginnings of restoring a natural balance to the Earth we all depend on. It’s much easier to make a noticeable difference if we’re all on board, but how do you get everyone to buy into living a more sustainable lifestyle? We hope this site will help everyone come to the conclusion that if the residents of Future Farm can move towards living in a more sustainable way, everyone else can too! Who am I? An oceanographer who values safety equipment.   Many small steps…

  • Spider Lily
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    Native Wildflowers

      Native Plants & Wildflowers Due to the poor soil and spring fed areas on Future Farm, it is home to a number of carnivorous plants including Sundews and Butterworts. Thriving in the poor soil of the wet pine savannah, pitcher plants capture nutrients by luring prey into their cup shaped “pitcher” pitfall trap. The Red Wood Lily is native to Alabama and grows in abundance on Future Farm in the low lying areas amongst the crawfish mounds. The Red Spider-Lily, commonly called a Naked Lady since it has no leaves, is not native to Mississippi, it comes from Japan, and grows in abundance on Future Farm. The Marsh Gayfeather…

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    I have always wanted a greenhouse, and wishes do come true because we are now working on building our first greenhouse. We purchased our Greenhouse from Grower’s Supply. Their salespeople were very helpful and the price was right. We learned a few expensive lessons while building the greenhouse, but it will be well worth it in the end! Aquaculture We plan to build decking to level out the floor of the pool, which is currently sloping down to the center. We will leave a gap in the center of the decking and build two walls that will become the sides of the pond. Pond water will be pumped around the…

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    Reference Library for Homesteaders

    A great homesteader’s reference library is essential when you live so far out in the country that connectivity is limited. Aside from that every Future Farmer loves books! Not the digital kind. The kind you can hold in your hand and flip through or read before bed without the blue tinted backlight that makes it difficult to fall asleep. On Cape Cod we used to get a lot of great books really cheap from the enormous library book sale they had every 4th of July. Now we live pretty far everything, including the book store. Although we are close to the library (thank goodness!) I don’t think the library has…