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Native Wildflowers

Native Plants & Wildflowers Due to the poor soil and spring fed areas on Future Farm, it is home to a number of carnivorous plants including Sundews and Butterworts. Thriving in the poor soil of the wet pine savannah, pitcher plants capture nutrients by luring prey into their cup shaped […]

Greenhouse 1

I have always wanted a greenhouse, and wishes do come true because we are now working on building our first greenhouse. We purchased our Greenhouse from Grower’s Supply. Their salespeople were very helpful and the price was right. We learned a few expensive lessons while building the greenhouse, but it […]

Home Library

We love Books! Not the digital kind. The kind you can hold in your hand and flip through or read before bed without the blue tinted backlight that makes it difficult to fall asleep. On Cape Cod we used to get a lot of great books really cheap from the […]